Message from our new Deputy Chairman Membership & Finance - Town Cllr Tom Hughes

I’m delighted to have been elected as Deputy Chairman Membership and Finance of Sefton Central Conservative Association and I'm finding the role both exciting and a great honour. Sefton has suffered over recent years because of the lack of a Conservative presence on the Council. Myself, the Chairman and other Association officers hope to change that.

To facilitate this we have a number of steps that members and supporters are able to assist with. We are delighted that recently we have seen a rise in membership - a 22% increase in the past year. With a higher membership this gives the Association further opportunity to raise more funds and for more people to help with campaigning. My strategic aim for Sefton Central Conservatives is to increase the membership of our Party even further by engaging with the current membership and electorate through emails, letters, social media and recruitment drive leaflets.

Throughout the year we have an excellent calendar of varied social, campaigning and fundraising events which will be held at different locations across the constituency so as to improve accessibility for all. Working in conjunction with our new Young Conservative members the Association now has Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts and we will be posting regular updates from all our campaigns and events.

However, due to the recent outbreak of Coronavirus all events and campaigning have been postponed until further notice. The role of Sefton Central Conservatives Officers, Councillors and members it to reach out to the vulnerable members of our community and to uphold the rules implemented by the government so that we can get through this crisis together. We hope that the situation will be resolved as soon as possible so we can get back to standing up for Conservative values across our communities.

There is always a need for more helpers to deliver leaflets,canvass,help with administrative work and stand for Council, and any extra assistance in the future would be greatly appreciated.

Please get in touch.

Thomas H Hughes

Deputy Chairman Membership and Finance Sefton Central Conservatives