Carnegie Library neglected by Sefton's Labour Council - latest news

On the day when the national Buildings at Risk Register has been updated it is ironic to see how Sefton Council treats its local Grade II Listed building, the former Carnegie Library on College Road. The Council claims to be committed to safeguarding this building, which is of course their legal obligation, but it is clear they haven't visited the place for some time and seen the weed growth climbing up the walls and the broken rainwater pipes allowing water to saturate the brickwork.

If the Listed Building was in private ownership the Council would have prosecuted them, but Sefton cannot prosecute itself for neglecting its heritage.

One can only speculate about the building's condition internally and what steps the Council is taking to prevent water entering this historic and much loved building.

The building needs to be brought back into community use and managed by organisations who will care for the place and have the creative skills and professionalism. The Council invited tenders for the building in November 2017 but now, 12 months later, nothing has happened.

The building now enters its 6th winter and looks increasingly desolate and neglected. How long before it too joins the Buildings at Risk Register due to the woeful neglect by this uncaring Labour Council?