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Do Sefton Labour Council really care?


Local Conservatives have been reading the report for Sefton Labour Cabinet to take place on 10th January on Revenue and Capital funding and the figures are far worse than we thought. (Link Below)

Coastal Revival Fund

The Government has recently announced that several north-west towns were successful in their bids for grants from the £1m Coastal Revival Fund. See link below

Opportunities for our coastline

The Council has announced in a report to the Public Engagement and Consultation Panel on 26th November 2018 that it has started to review options for the replacement/improvement of defences at the northern end of Crosby Coastal Park.

More Labour Failure In Crosby Village

The Saga of Crosby Village’s Christmas Tree

Recently the local Labour Councillors proudly announced that they were arranging for a real 26 feet tall Christmas tree be planted prominently in the Village and remain all year-round.

Liverpool City Regional Fund

The Liverpool City Regional Fund is a £500m budget with £100m in its first year aimed at, amongst other things, Help for our High Streets.

Blundellsands & Crosby station subway

The lighting at Blundellsands & Crosby station subway is sub standard and must be upgraded. It is particularly dangerous for elderly residents of an evening.