Crosby Village

How much longer are we going to look at empty shops, waste ground and under-developed sites in our village?

“Some exciting times ahead for Crosby Village “said Bill Esterson in January 2019

Sadly that excitement was short lived and short sighted.

Our Council needs to avoid the trap of having a narrow focus on retail. Town centre function and success depends on a multitude of factors to be successful.

This rebalancing of function involves the provision of a number of elements:

►Affordable housing



►Health care


►Community use to include safe communal spaces that help create healthier lifestyles.

This is what Crosby Village needs. This is what we have been campaigning for and demanding in our Newsletters over the last three years.

Whilst no one can argue that a village or small town needs a mixture of retail and businesses, it also needs homes for the local residents. Bringing housing into the centre of Crosby will bring vibrancy and demand for services. Given the changing nature of our town centres and also the way in which we now shop for products and services, it is important to explore the way in which we can utilise the space in our village.

There is a desperate need for a variety of new homes to be built in this area, particularly for key workers, some of whom prefer to rent rather than buy their property.

Utilising the redundant sites which have become derelict over the years for affordable homes would be a much better option than building on precious green belt land or flood plains. There is a need for some creative thinking and a willingness to overcome some of the issues that may arise in bringing residential properties to the village.

Crosby has some good road and public transport networks which would compliment and support housing development as well as a balance of independent and multiple stores. Bringing further residential developments into our village would help sustain and create demand further demand for these services.

As Conservatives we are pleased to see the current Planning Application to develop the former Central Buildings site to provide 39 affordable dwellings. By utilising this derelict brownfield site it will remove an “eye sore” from our environment and improve the visual approach to the area.

Businesses and residents demand that our Council show leadership, commitment and creativity in helping make our village sustainable, safe and welcoming.