Crosby's Magnificent Coastal Heritage

Crosby’s coastal heritage

Sefton’s Labour Council has for years lacked the vision and imagination to recognise our magnificent coastline as a tourism and cultural attraction. Whatever your views on “Another Place” the iron men of Crosby are an internationally recognised landmark and a destination for visitors.

Other councils would have seized the opportunity to generate income from such a landmark with an interpretation centre, café/restaurant and souvenir sales, possibly using one of our under-used buildings near the coastline, such as Waterloo Town Hall, Carnegie Library, or the Coastguard Station.

In May the Council hopes to launch a consultation to seek residents’ thoughts on the Council’s masterplan for the coastline. It is disappointing that residents and community groups have not been consulted in preparing the masterplan but we would encourage everyone to examine and comment on the Council’s proposals when they are eventually published.