Crown Buildings, Crosby, site for sale

Central Buildings, Crosby, site for sale

Agents have been appointed to find a buyer for the vacant Central Buildings site in Church Road, Crosby.

Central Buildings formerly housed 14 businesses but was demolished after Sefton Council granted planning permission in 2006 for 10,000 sq ft of retail units at the ground floor, 14,000 sq ft of offices and 10 luxury apartments.

For a variety of reasons the development never took place and the site has remained an eyesore ever since.

The Agents have indicated that a new planning application has recently been submitted for retail units at the ground floor and 34 one and two-bed residential units on the upper floors.

Speaking this week Chairman of Sefton Central Conservative Association and spokesperson for Blundellsands Ward Martyn Barber said:

"Sefton Central Conservatives have argued that Crosby Village could be enlivened by introducing much-needed housing into the area and it is encouraging to see that the owner of Central Buildings is of a similar opinion.

However, Sefton’s Labour Council are failing to see the bigger picture.

Why are they not working in partnership with the owner of Central Buildings and using the Council’s Islington Car Park to create a more imaginative and desirable development site?

Other councils are keen to work with private developers and use the opportunity to share in development profits whilst at the same time bringing housing to the area. Sefton’s Labour Council has a history of ignoring private developers and fails to work in partnership with them to regenerate the borough."