Do Sefton Labour Council really care?


Local Conservatives have been reading the report for Sefton Labour Cabinet to take place on 10th January on Revenue and Capital funding and the figures are far worse than we thought. (Link Below)…

The Council had an approved Capital Budget for 2018/19 for Disabled Facility Grants totalling £2.2m. Members are asked to note that the forecast spend will be £1.667m. An underspend of £0.533m which will be carried forward into next year. This budget is for grants to help people live safely at home, for adaptations to their houses from grab rails, showers or extensions to help mobility.

Please find link below for grant information. We urge residents who need help to live safely at home to apply.

The Adult Social Care Capital budget totalled £3.994m and the forecast expenditure to April 2019 is only £0.568m. An astonishing underspend of £3.426m (85.7% of the available budget). No reason is given for this alarming under-performance in an area which should be receiving high priority from the Council.

Do Sefton Labour Council really care?