Join Sefton Central Conservatives and help us defeat Jeremy Corbyn

Here at Sefton Central  Conservative Association we are always on the lookout for people in and around the community to get involved.

Whether you have some spare time on your hands or simply want to help out our community we'd be delighted to hear from you.

So, what can you do to help? Well, it all depends on the extent you wish to get involved with the Sefton Central Conservative Association. It ranges from delivering leaflets to fundraising or even stepping forward as a candidate to become a Conservative Councillor in the Sefton Central Constituency.

Here in Sefton Central, it is now vital that that we unite behind Boris Johnson and do everything we can to support him when a General Election is called. Our opponents offer nothing but a return to the economic vandalism of the 1970's with crippling taxation, egregious state intervention and Trade Unions holding our country to ransom with national strikes.

Our job now is to support Boris in delivering Brexit, uniting our country and defeating Jeremy Corbyn.

If you would like to help us defeat Corbyn and the Labour Party please join the Sefton Central Conservatives today by joining online at If you would prefer to just help us with campaigning please contact us at or email:

Together we can have a better Sefton Central Constituency