Labour Councillors failing to spend ward budgets in your local communities.

Local Conservatives have been studying Sefton MBCs website regarding expenditure against the Area Committee budgets. Area Committees have a annual budget that should be spent in your local communities.

The link shows which ward Councillors have failed to spend their allocation, notably Blundellsands Ward and Sudell Ward in Maghull. 

There are new proposals in a 'Issues Paper' published recently which help clarify the process for expenditure of ward budgets, with the threat that anything above £10,000 unexpended at the end of the Municipal Year will be taken away and put into the Transition Fund. 

It is interesting to note that areas with Conservative Councillors have tended to spend their allocation on their local communities, namely Harington Ward in Formby. Some Labour Councillors have failed to promote the availability of the fund and not sought residents' ideas and suggestions for investment, especially in Crosby and Maghull.  

This is taxpayers money that should be being spent on improving our local communities not sitting idle in a bank account.