Local Elections 2019: Council Tax lower in Conservative councils

The local elections on May 2nd will decide how your local council services are run - and how much you pay for them.

Conservative councillors protect the services local people rely on. While keeping their tax low.

Did you know that Conservative councils charge less council tax than Labour and Lib Dems?

The difference is actually pretty clear: on average, its almost £100 less for a Band D home in Conservative-run areas.

Why the elections are so important

From parks to buses, bins to tax - councils run the services that affect people's day-to-day lives.

Local Elections area about the issues that really matter to people locally.

So on May 2nd, residents have the opportunity to keep their council tax low - and protect their services.

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For Borough, Town & Parish Council Elections in Sefton - Vote Conservative on Thursday May 2nd

Together we can have a better Sefton