Sefton Central Conservatives Pledge - Local Elections 2019


On May 2, people in Sefton and across the country will be going to the polls in the 2019 local elections.

These elections are a chance for residents to decide on who is best placed to run these services and how much council tax you will pay for them in return.

Sefton Central Conservatives are fielding candidates across the constituency in Borough, Town and Parish elections, ensuring that local residents have an alternative to our hard left Labour Council. We need a strong opposition to Sefton Labour Council and only your local Conservative party can provide it.

Up and down the country it is Conservative councillors and Conservative councils who have a proven track record of managing your money wisely and providing good local services.

Conservatives set lower council tax than Labour councils - in 2018-19 an average of £118 a year lower for a typical home, meaning you and your neighbours have more money in your pockets at the end of the month.

Labour's record shows that Labour councillors mean higher council tax and worse local services, you only need to look at the Labour-run Liverpool council, which has asked households to pay an extra £16 on their council tax bills for their Mayor's salary.

In these elections, the choice is clear, a vote for Conservative councillors who deliver better services for their communities, together with lower taxes or a vote for Labour and higher council tax and worse local services.