Sefton Labour Council - A Litany Of Failures

Sefton Labour Council's litany of failures;

  • £15m underspend of schools' revenue budgets.
  • Gross underspending of the Council's capital programme.
  • Building new school extensions only to find them closing 2 years later (Seaforth Sand Dunes Nursery).
  • Ursuline School having 2 new Reception classrooms built, whilst criticising Government grant allocation.
  • Complete failure to bid for Governmental resources or participate in Select Committees looking at  town centres.
  • No clear leadership on Town Centre Regeneration (Crosby Village) to integrate the various stakeholder interests.
  • S106 funding being used for short-term cosmetic gain without overall strategy or scrutiny.
  • Failure to grapple Blundellsands/Crosby railway subway improvements.
  • Lack of imaginative use for redundant Council buildings.
  • Failure to secure a tenant for Carnegie Library.
  • Awful maintenance of trees across Blundellsands
  • Shoddy road maintenance, pothole repairs etc.
  • Failure to expend the locally delegated Area Committee budget.

Sefton Labour Council has a total lack of transparency in the manner in which decisions are made and monies expended. We have ward Councillors who are not permitted to represent the population but are merely mouthpieces for the Cabinet.

In short Sefton Labour Party have no creative thinking and it's just a constant whinge about Government cuts. They would do well to remember that the previous Labour Government left the United Kingdom on the verge of bankruptcy.

Instead of joining the bullying Momentum group, deselecting moderate Labour Councillors and MPs (across the UK) and constantly tweeting about the Communist duo of Corbyn and McDonnell, they should get on with their job of serving local residents, standing up for our Towns and demanding resources, £32 million to buy the Bootle Strand but do we see any substantial funding for Crosby, Formby or Maghull - NO.

Sefton Labour isn't working for local taxpayers.