Statement from Sefton Central Conservatives on Crosby Village

Local Conservatives welcome the fact previously empty shop units have become occupied and we wish all businesses every success, but this has occurred through the endeavours of the developer St. Modwen and individual entrepreneursship, and not through any efforts by Sefton Labour Council to promote our village. 

Sadly Sefton Labour Council has not demonstrated the leadership promised when they launched the Investment Strategy and market forces have led to the village being occupied by national chains, who despite having a big role to play create a village lacking in diversity or community spirit. There is also no evidence that the Labour Council is seeking to promote new opportunities such as housing on various empty sites or in bringing a much needed health centre to Crosby.

Sefton Labour Council has shown little commitment to working with the local community, shopkeepers, developers and other political parties to help promote our village, and has not invested any of the Councils revenue or capital resources into the area. Whilst the Conservative Government has invited Councils across the country to bid for funding for their Town centres, Sefton Labour Council has ignored Crosby and decided to focus its efforts and bidding on other areas of the Borough. 

If elected in future the local Conservative party representatives would actively work with other public, private and voluntary organisations to properly regenerate Crosby Village and try to produce an attractive and creative solution that appeals to a majority of residents and traders.