Thomas Hughes selected to stand for Sudell Ward in Maghull

Sudell Ward encompasses the Eastern part of Maghull and Kennessee Green and contains the main commercial and transport links of Maghull including “the Square” and both the train stations which are Maghull and the recently constructed Maghull North. The ward also contains two out of the three high schools in Maghull, Maricourt Catholic High School and Deyes High School.

Sudell Ward once a stronghold for the Liberal Democrats has been Labour since 2011 with the exception of one Independent victory. We believe that the people of Maghull are looking for a change and only the Conservatives offer that. We have a real chance to gain this seat once again, as in the 2017 General election over 2,500 people in Sudell Ward voted for the Conservatives, if the same number turned out in next year’s local election we would easily retake this seat from Labour.

Thomas Hughes says “I have lived in Maghull all my life and I have seen the decline of our town first-hand, we need Councillors who live locally, know our communities and care about local people and the issues that matter to them. We need to elect more Conservative Councillors that will provide a real opposition to Labour in Sefton Council, holding them to account.” If you are interested in joining our campaign team email or contact the local Conservative Association.