In Crosby the obvious choice would be in the Village, such as the old Telegraph House site in Moor Lane. This would need the CCG to work with both the Council who own the car parks, and with St Modwen, who own the Telegraph House site.

In Waterloo, the best location would be on the site of the old Civic Centre but the Council are intent on holding onto this redundant building rather than work with the CCG to find a more imaginative use for the site.

Sefton, like all local authorities, has an obligation to work with the NHS, as Health and Social Care are brought more closely together.

But Sefton Council won’t discuss the project for a major Medical Village or a Health & Wellbeing Centre with the CCG or NHS England until funding is in place.

Whilst Sefton Council has its head in the sand the residents of Crosby and Blundellsands will have to tolerate inferior medical services compared with other parts of Sefton. This Labour Council constantly grumbles about national funding for the NHS yet is unwilling to support the CCG and NHS England in trying to secure improved facilities for our local residents.

A Conservative Council would accept its responsibility for health and social care. It would show leadership and pro-actively work to integrate health service providers, funders and developers to ensure Crosby obtains improved medical facilities in a regenerated Village.