Why are we building on green belt land

The Sefton Council website shows that there are currently registered 85.29 hectares of brownfield sites of which 19.01 hectares are in public ownership (not necessarily Sefton Council).

By their own calculations the sites could support 2,594 dwellings whilst those in public ownership could support 584 dwellings.

Local Conservatives are convinced that this is an underestimate as there are several school sites such as St Ambrose Barlow school, Ainsdale High and others which aren't listed. The former Bootle High School site is listed, bearing in mind that closed several years ago and yet there's no evidence that the Council has attempted to capitalise on its sale.

The Brownfield Register is dated 2017 and the Council states that it is intended to review it at least annually,but it is clearly out-of-date.

It does beg the question about why the Labour Council is so supportive of building in the green belt when there's so much alternative out there.

Local Conservatives want to see our green belt land protected.