Harington Ward Conservatives - Action - not just words

​​​​​​Action - not just words from your Conservative team in Formby.

  • Full backing for the creation of a new park near the village centre at Lonsdale Road.

  • Ward budget cash for the planting of new and replacement trees in public areas.

  • Money for more road junction protection to stop illegal parking.

  • Cash for village traffic bollards to prevent pavement obstruction.

  • Dozens of community social action projects including post office garden in village, war memorial in village centre, land near Freshfield station, gardens opposite Harington road shops and Formby station. Local conservatives have been cleaning up these areas by weeding, planting, mowing, litter picking and enhancing the look of our local environment.

On Thursday May 4, 2023 vote for your local Conservatives and a team that actually gets things done in our local community. Labour just talk the talk in Formby, they don't achieve anything.