Parish & Town Council Elections - Thursday May 4 2023

The Sefton Central County Constituency has 9 Parish councils and 1 town council, known locally as the 10 parishes.

Your local Conservatives have a 5-point plan to help protect the environment and keep costs down in our local towns, villages and hamlets.

  • Conserve all existing greenbelt land. Far too much countryside, farmland and greenspace has been destroyed in our local communities. Many parts of our constituency are semi rural communities - we don't want to live in concrete jungles.

  • Protect historic sites, buildings and local heritage for future generations to enjoy.

  • Community social action projects to enhance and protect our local green spaces and environment.

  • Reinstate local area committees with enhanced representation from Parish and Town Councils, so taxpayers can hold their elected councillors to account.

  • Freeze 2023 council tax precept for all Town and Parish councils to help with the cost of living

Caring and Campaigning for Our Parish & Town Councils

Parish councils are Thornton, Hightown, Ince Blundell, Sefton & Lunt, Little Altcar, Formby, Lydiate, Melling and Aintree Village. Town council is Maghull.