Your Council Needs You!

ONE of the most iconic recruitment posters of all time - still famous today - was published more than 100 years ago, in 1914.

It showed Field Marshal Lord Kitchener, the newly-appointed Secretary of State for War, pointing a finger directly at the observer, with the words: Your country needs you!

This imperialistic call to arms has been adopted and adapted by many other causes over the years.

Today, it may equally be applied in the realms of local government with the line: Your council needs you!

In May 2023, there will be no fewer than 96 seats up for grabs in parish and town council elections within the Sefton Central constituency.

A massive opportunity for candidates to involve themselves in active community citizenship (an idea pioneered by the Romans in 500BC).

So the search is already underway for suitable people: the key assets being local knowledge and commitment from individuals with a whole range of backgrounds.

Do you fit the bill, or know someone else who does? If so, now is the time to consider getting those names on to ballot papers.

In 2023, seats will be contested for the town council in Maghull, as well as for the parish councils of Thornton, Aintree, Melling, Lydiate, Little Altcar, Ince Blundell, Hightown, Formby and Sefton and Lunt.

Serving local government Conservative councillors at all levels collectively attest to the sense of satisfaction such office holds: an opportunity to make a difference and bring about change for the better in their communities.

To be part of that process, full details can be obtained from Associaton Chairman by emailing or call the local office on 01704 807 727.