Coastal Revival Fund

The Government has recently announced that several north-west towns were successful in their bids for grants from the £1m Coastal Revival Fund. See link below

This is an annual programme which began in 2012. Southport's BID team obtained £45,000 in 2015 to carry out a feasibility study into transforming Lord Street into a cultural square. It is not known what the outcome of that feasibility study was,

However, we are unaware whether Sefton Labour Council took the trouble to bid for grants this year. For example, they could have looked at opportunities to use the Iron Men as a visitor resource and actually generate some income (other than car parking fees). They could have looked at using the money for a study of the old Waterloo Town Hall and Prince Street Clinic site as a heritage attraction.

It is clear that money is available from the Government for a wide range of projects but it rather looks as if Sefton Labour Council can't be bothered to apply for grants. Instead they complain about austerity but make little effort to tap into resources which are available.…