Help us defeat Corbyn & Momentum

Jeremy Corbyn and Momentum want to undo our work

Momentum are a well-funded group of socialists. They want to put Jeremy Corbyn into Downing Street and force his policies on Britain.

That means:

1. Taking £350 billion from the pockets of hard-working taxpayers like you.

2. Keeping Britain under the control of the EU - even sending money to them after we leave.

3. Repealing out strike laws, returning to the time when big union barons ran the country

There are 31,000 momentum members, they now have over 200,000 supporters and local groups. 

We need to take the fight to Labour and Momentum - on the ground. Help us to defeat socialism in our country.


Since 2010 the Conservative Government has:

1. Brought unemployment down to its lowest level since 1970's - giving people the security of a pay packet.

2. Reformed Education, so 1.9 million more pupils are in good or outstanding schools.

3. Cut the deficit by over three quarters - building an economy fit for the future.