Highways Maintenance Programme for Sefton Council 2019/2020

Sefton Council have just published the Highway Maintenance Programme for 2019/20.

Share with local residents across Sefton to see if their road or pavements are being resurfaced during the next twelve months.


The following roads in Blundellsands Ward are scheduled for re-surfacing:

Hall Road East (between Manor Road and Dowhills)

Abbotsford Road

Brompton Avenue

Second Avenue

The definition is as follows: Resurfacing involves completely removing the top surface of the road and replacing it with a new surface layer. It may include large areas of deep reconstruction to the lower layers of the road. It should take place only at the end of the serviceable life of the associated construction layers and when such procedures such as micro surfacing and other similar type treatments are not viable. It becomes necessary when traffic loading has exceeded the load bearing capacity of the road, causing unacceptable strain. Hall Road East is an interesting one as it had previously been suggested that the undulations were due to United Utilities sewers and sand migration. There's no reference in the report that UU will be carrying out work prior to the resurfacing.

Linden Avenue is scheduled for a micro-asphalt treatment.

No footpaths are scheduled for resurfacing in Blundellsands Ward and most of the programme has been allocated to Park Ward, which is great news for residents in Maghull & Lydiate.