£38.5 million budget boost for transport in Merseyside

A Budget boost which will see Liverpool benefit to the tune of £38.5m to improve transport links is great news for the city.

The cash from the Transforming Cities Fund will benefit passengers, commuters and motorists across the region and is just one of a host of announcements that will benefit Liverpool, Merseyside and the whole of the north west.

Communities are so important and this Budget is one which supports them, with millions on the cards to improve our roads, money to support our high streets and more funding for our schools and new homes, to help young people get a foot on the housing ladder.

The Chancellor has set out how the hard work of the British people is paying off. Thanks to a solid economic recovery and spending within our means, austerity is coming to an end.

We believe it's now time that we turn our eyes to the future, meaning more support for our great public services, help for household budgets and investment for the long-term to deliver higher living standards as our economy grows.

As the Prime Minister was quoted, 'Austerity coming to an end isn't just about more money into our public services, it's about more money in people's pockets as well.'